Multimedia Solutions
Enhancing Ministry With Technology

Who is MinistrySense?
Software, Webcasting, 26+ years

Why should I do business with MinistrySense?
Subscribers First, Meet Your Needs, Experience

How can we make our events more relative to attendees?
Church Connections™, Web App, Enhance Community

How can we make our live stream stand out?
MS Layers™, Cloud Service, Video Overlays

Is MinistrySense's Video Gallery easy?
One Link, Easy Add, Easy Upload

How do churches go online?
Click Streaming link on our website
iPad/Tripod/Wifi, Youtube, Video Hosting

What kind of camera should a church get?
iPad, Mevo, Robotic

What is webcasting?
Broadcasting on the Internet (LS,VOD,PC)

What is live streaming and how does it work?
Camera(s)/Wifi, Real-Time Video, Media Server

What is Video-on-Demand?
Video Archives

What is a podcast?
Information File, Points To Content, Podcast Client

How can churches use video conferencing?
Campuses, Meetings, Sunday School/Youth

My church's videos look bad. How do we make them better?
Processor/Memory, Bandwidth, Encoding Options

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