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Enhancing Learning

In normal times, students often are challenged in their learning.  Throw in a pandemic with virtual classes and things become even harder.  So, any improvement between student and faculty is welcome.  Outcomes enhance experiences for both, whether in-class or remote.  Enter Shared Connections, a versatile web app designed to do just that.  Interactions are completely anonymous and free of profanity.  So no one needs to worry about chat, survey, quiz or communication responses.  Step up your students' interest and engagement, no matter the subject or place.

Available for smartphone, tablet, laptop, and PC web browsers, Shared Connections includes:
  • Holistic Communication (no profanity)
  • Secure, private group chat
  • OS Analytics™ surveys/quizzes for feedback
    • Tailored for classes at all academic levels
    • Customized templates
    • Faculty receives feedback, conclusions and all responses.
    • Analyses can be viewed by class or time period.
  • Instant email/text from students to faculty during class
    • Question/Comment for faculty
  • Additional lesson resources can easily be shared.
    • Syllabus
    • Lesson Plan
    • Articles
    • Class News
    • Notes for Special Events
    • Facebook/Youtube Videos or Live Stream
    • Three methods: Web Page, Upload File, Stored Document
A companion web app is used by faculty to securely administer, customize and view all communication.  An on-screen ObjectSense chat window is available as needed.
  • Organizational data
  • Class/Event data and options
  • Survey/Quiz data and analysis

Click to interact with a demo of the Shared Connections web app.  Class PIN's are 1234.

Click to log in and see the administrative features of Shared Connections.  Credentials are tdemo/demo.

Click to subscribe to the Shared Connections monthly service.

Communication is the key to 21st Century learning.